Class Schedule At Celtic Bellydancing - Physical And Online Classes:

Celtic Bellydancing Summer Schedule
Morning classes at Celtic Bellydancing dreamstime_xs_112419387

A few words about the schedule:

Dance Classes:
Live physical and online dance classes will be 1 hour

Online Cardio/Strength Conditioning Classes:
Live 2way online classes - I will be there, you will be there at the same time - and/or pre-recorded Videos On demand are 15-30 minutes long because:

  • this allows you to reap the benefits of the class from an "exercise" point of view
  • it will allow you to fit a class into those odd waiting periods throughout the day that usually end up being wastes of your time

All of the classes can be done without dance bling(costuming or accessories} & workout equipment, however, getting your own bling and a set of exercise bands will help you maximize the benefit of each class. Bling and bands are lightweight and can be tossed in a bag to take with you, when you have to travel or need to be out.

All online classes can be accessed from your smartphone

Our online classes will allow you to hone in on very specific goals in bite size increments of time.

The 10 minute breaks between online classes are to allow time to rest and take care of personal time without missing anything.

It's perfectly ok to show up for the online classes in your pj's... just make sure all vital parts are covered, we are G-rated after all. LOL