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As a Member you will have access to:

1. Live 2way Online Classes - I will be there, you will be there at the same time

  • Celtic Bellydancing Choreographies
  • Bellydancing steps and combinations
  • Modern/popular dance steps and combinations
  • Celtic dance steps and combinations
  • Steps and combinations using circlular veils, rectangular veils, canes and swords
  • Combinations of all of the above
  • Drills for all of the above
  • Cardio Classes - HIIT, LIIT, Steady State
  • Strength Training Classes - using exercise bands
  • Core Classes - geared towards dancers and throwers
  • Conditioning Exercises for Shoulders, Forearms, Wrists & Hands
  • Condiitioning Exercises for Knees, Calves, Ankles & Feet
  • Stretching Classes

2. Live Physical Class Held At High Road Gym, Lakewood, CO

3. Videos On Demand - online classes will be pre-recorded and available on demand.

4. Members may audition to participate in special practice sessions/performances in the Denver Metro area

5. Members will get discounted online cinics on personal/stage makeup, costuming and stagecraft taught by other experts

6. Members will have access to articles, posts and interviews with other members and experts.