The mission at Celtic Bellydancing is to create a place for every dancer to learn Celtic, Bellydance and Modern Dance steps to create their own unique dance style.  From this style, we will create public and private opportunities to showcase each dancer.

Our vision is to provide:

1. dancers education on all aspects of performing from personal costuming to stagecraft
2. opportunities to perform at local festivals and community events
3. opportunities for dancers to perform in private/personal glamour videos

We uphold the following values in all of our efforts:

  • Give and expect a basic level of common courtesy and civility;
  • Respect the experiences and opinions of others;
  • Accept current and future members regardless of race, gender, physical ability, political, religious and socio-economic position.


Life Long Learning:
  • Be “coachable”;
  • Recognize that we can learn from everyone around us;
  • Recognize that Celtic Bellydancing(CBD) is a safe zone for experimentation;
  • Be willing to make mistakes and accept others’ mistakes as part of the exercise adventure process.


  • Represent ourselves and the CBD Community with our best efforts;
  • Strive for the success of teammates as well as ourselves;
  • Invest time, energy and resources in those who are willing to invest the same;
  • Develop meaningful relationships with others in CBD Community.

We build our CBD Community holding these values as our guide. These values are not negotiable in the CBD Community by owners, employees or members. By keeping high standards, CBD becomes a place of trust and growth.